A Sense of Poisoned Rationality

Even Angels tell lies on their bad days

Anonymous asked: It is very nice to know you can stay on your own two feet, and are on the way to being fully better. Bad habits die hard, so it's great to hear you're rid of them :)

Thankyou, It’s nice to hear that people are genuinely concerned about me :) why not come off anonymous so we can talk a bit easier? :)

Anonymous asked: Asking because of genuine curiosity about how you are. You don't write on here about how you are anymore. (Long term follower with just wanting to make sure the people I follow, are okay)

Fair enough, that’s sweet of you :) Yeah I’ve just gotten on with things and everything’s moving along swimmingly so far! been clean from all those old habits for a long time now and the brain is making a lot of progress in terms of healing haha took its sweet time about it though hey xD

Anonymous asked: How are you, mentally?

I’m going alrightish, why do you ask?